Employee Benefit
Case Studies

Case Study - Mergers & Acquisitions


A privately held technology firm in California merged with a publicly traded information technology firm in Texas. The combined company consisted of approximately 600 employees.



● Merger of two vastly different cultures and people strategies extending down into benefit offerings.

● Vastly different demographics between the two firms.

● IBP was tasked to create a new benefits program from the ground up to fit the new company. Timing was critical, as the company wanted the new benefits program ASAP.



● IBP assembled a cross-functional team that was able to design and implement a complete benefits program that fit the vision for the combined company.

● The new benefits program was met with acceptance by the employees, resulting in reduced turnover during the merger.

● Administration was outsourced to an HRIS  platform for scalable growth.

● Plan documents were digitized for faster, more efficient delivery via the corporate intranet.