IBP Insurance Services has managed employee benefis programs for hundreds of employer groups in an effort to keep costs below comparable levels experienced by other employers. Our aggressive management technique includes a number of internal medical management and preventive health initiatives.

As the employee benefit  industry continues to change, IBP Insurance Servcies has remained ahead of the game. With leading-edge technology, we are able to obtain meaningful information that helps us evaluate cost drivers, trends, and savings opportunities associated with our clients’ medical benefits. In addition, we work to evaluate the impact of various plan management initiatives and to forecast the impact of future plan changes.

The IBP Insurance Servcies provides employer groups with tools that will provide consistent year-to-year data, reporting formats, and comparative benchmarks. This highly meaningful yet understandable information enables us to work together with your data in a continuous, interactive manner as plan management issues arise.


Quality versus Quantity
The benefits manager of a Fortune 500 company was quoted in Business & Health as saying,

“Any benefits manager can relate to the problem. The attempt to control corporate health costs invariably is stymied by the lack of meaningful information. It’s not a problem of quantity, but the quality of the data that are available.”


Assessment and Review
● Coordination of all IBP Insurance Services activities relating to our clients benefits program
● Periodic review of market trends to ensure plan compliance

Plan Design
● Plan design consultation and benefit benchmarking
● Benefit and cost analysis, including detailed claims and member behavior study

Market Analysis
● Renewal preparation with plan changes, alternative options, and cost impact summary
● Network disruption and discount analysis


● Communication with human resources or benefits personnel regarding benefits program issues
● Meetings with management or benefits personnel as requested and at agreed-upon regular intervals
● Legislative and regulatory updates provided, with communication regarding state and federal mandates
● Legal expertise from on-staff corporate attorney and retained ERISA attorney

Communication and Administration

● Ensure accurate implementation of policy changes with carrier(s)
● Renewal contracts and plan summaries reviewed for accuracy
● Resources for COBRA, HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy, Section 125, and FMLA questions
● Simplification of administrative procedures using Broker Suite Solutions®

Wellness and Health Risk Management

● Review and implementation of proven health cost containment support services

Employee Education
● Act as a HIPAA compliant resource for difficult claim situations and escalated issues
● Monthly newsletters provided for [CLIENT NAME] management and benefits personnel
● Custom employee communications
● Resources for provider questions or issues
● Act as a resource for hardship provisions or late entrants
● Enrollment coordination of employees and dependents

Claims Analysis

● Quarterly plan performance reviews with claim analysis and member behavior review
● Annual detailed claims analysis using downloaded carrier data with drill-down analysis capabilities

Merger/Acquisition Due Diligence Support
● Benefit program strategy review and risk analysis related to merger/acquisition activities