We realize your time is valuable and that your employees want a quality employee benefit program up and running yesterday. Instant Quote is the fastest way to implement an employee benefit program. If you do not currently have a plan we can get one up and running for you in a matter of days.


Instant Quote can also help if you have an employee benefit program but would like to consider alternatives. In either case the initial process is the same.

The first step is to gather some basic background information (see below). Once that data has been gathered you can input it on the next screen and obtain a quote instantly (groups up to 50 employees) or send the data to our office and we can input the data to create a quote.


In order to start the Instant Quote process it is necessary to gather some basic background information about your current employee benefit program:

Employee Census (in excel file format - to include):


- Date of Birth
- Gender
- Dependent Status
- Employee Home Zip Code

- Plan Enrollment (PPO, HMO, Kaiser)

- Overview of current plan design (a one page summary is great)
- Current premium rate structure (copy of most recent monthly billing)
- Current employee payroll contributions

Enter the information on the next screen or e-mail the information to our office

Instant Quote



Upon receipt of your Instant Quote request an IBP representative will be in touch with you to confirm receipt of your data and clarify any outstanding items. We will create a quote and respond to your request with a number of options for your consideration. Thank you for considering IBP Insurance Services.