HRIS Online is an online interactive employee benefit system that allows employers to better manage and communicate their employee benefit program. One of the most critical elements of providing employee benefits is communicating information about the plan to employees in a way that they understand and appreciate the value of such benefits.


HRIS Online does just that by providing a thorough yet understandable explanation of the entire benefit program. Additionally, it allows new employees to search provider directories and enroll in the plans as they learn about them. This service is ideal for educating and introducing new employees to the program as well as providing existing employees with a resource on an ongoing basis.


HRIS Online allows your employees to:


Enroll in all insurance plans
Search online provider directories to find a specific or local doctor/hospital
Obtain detailed information on the specific benefits of all plans
Perform cost comparison on benefit plans
Review 401(k) investment information, check balances, change allocations, etc.
View FAQ's about benefits
View the Employee Handbook
View customized information that our clients wish to add to HRIS Online such as vacation/sick pay policies, W4 and I9 Forms, etc.


HRIS Online allows employers to:

Operate in an effective and efficient manner in the digital world. Administrative tasks that were grueling and repetitive can now be accomplished with mere keystrokes.

Typical HRIS Online features include:

Centralized Database - Manage current and historical HR and benefit information across all divisions, locations, carriers and benefit plans.


Benefits Administration - Manage enrollment, eligibility and billing information for all types of benefit plans including flex credit plans.


Payroll Interface - Track and manage payroll information including earnings; federal, state and local tax; deduction and direct deposit information.


Organizational Definition - Dynamically manage employee to manager reporting relationships.


Compensation Analysis - Establish jobs and salary structure guidelines including midrange and broad banding capabilities. Generate reports concerning salary structures and their relationship to job definitions.


Compliance - Manage compliance issues surrounding EEO, HIPAA and COBRA.


Report Writer - Generate custom or standard reports on employee and benefits information to ensure timely and accurate compliance, decision making and forecasting.


Invoices - Eliminate manual reconciliation of carrier invoices by generating self-bills based on plan eligibility and billing rules.


Benefits Statements - Improve the quality, frequency and clarity of communication with your employees by showing the value of the "hidden paycheck."


Confirmation Statements - Improve employee communication regarding benefit elections.


Employee Notes - Maintain an unlimited amount of searchable employee-specific content concerning performance management, training and employee relation issues.


Resource Center - Maintain disparate information such as departmental, enrollment and claims forms; internal and external contact information; links to other Web sites.