Health and
Wellness Center

The IBP Wellness Process


Conduct the Initial Health and Wellness Assessment - The IBP Health and Wellness Center provides you the flexibility to work with your group in a variety of formats. Employees fill out a simple, friendly health and wellness assessment lifestyle questionnaire, which takes from ten to thirty-five minutes to complete. Completed assessments are evaluated and a personal report is prepared for each employee identifying the positive and risk attributes of their profile.


Review the Results - The IBP Health and Wellness Center will provide each participant a Personal Wellness Report (PWR) that provides a health score and an evaluation of risk. Additionally, each participant is provided an improvement goal for each risk factor. Also included is a learning guide that reviews the important points of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.


The PWR data is aggregated for the group and an overall Group Wellness Report (GWR) is prepared. The GWR is the data that drives the development for a corporate plan of action. The GWR shows the prevalence of risk factors in both numbers and percent, and specifies how many employees in the group are in the low to high risk categories. The GWR is a road map proving guidance to the specific information and programs that will have the most impact on your group.


Wellness Plan of Action - The Wellness Plan of Action (WPA) is the plan of attack that allows you to target the wellness resources of your organization at the needs of your employees based on the specified criteria identified in the GWR. A WPA can be as simple as conducting health and wellness education classes to as comprehensive as introducing an onsite fitness center.


IBP Wellness Guides - The IBP Wellness Guides provide practical advice on lifestyle related health issues in an inviting, easy-to-follow format that encourages participation and positive behavior.


Used individually or in a series, the IBP Wellness Guides are an excellent "next step" tool in a wellness program. The guides are used after the assessment to address the participants' specific health needs by involving them in an in-depth educational course that motivates them to adopt positive changes.


There are 21 guides to choose from, each targets a specific health improvement area while covering all the basics of a comprehensive wellness system.


IBP Wellness Guide titles include the following:


Healthy Pregnancy
● Quit Smoking
● Managing Back
● Pain Management
● Weight Management
● Effective Parenting
● Managing High Blood Pressure
● Managing Congestive Heart Failure
● Better Nutrition
● Healthy Living
● Living with Asthma
● Managing Cholesterol Levels
● Preventing Cancer
● A Healthy Heart
● Women's Health
● Senior Living
● Living Well with Arthritis
● Stress Management
● Overcoming Dependencies
● Improving Fitness
● Living with Diabetes
● Overcoming Depression & Anxiety